Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scrapbooking! I have to confess that I always hated scrapbooking cause I wasn't creative enough, patient enough, rich enough, etc. to do it. When Summit was a bun in the oven I told my friend Polly I wanted to make a baby book for him. She had the cutest idea. You make two pages for each month of their first year. You have a calendar on one page to write all the cute stuff and fun milestones and on the next page you have a place for pictures from that month. So the goal was to have it all put together before he was even born so it was all ready. Of course that didn't work but here it is. It is so cute!!!! I'm so grateful for Polly and her creativity...actually it was from a magazine but that's alright. It's easy enough that hopefully I can keep up the tradition with the rest of the kids. Just thought I'd share the cute idea.
P.S. My mom is on the plane right now coming to see me....gotta leave for the airport!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life is so fun!!!

It's been awhile since the last post...big surprise. So I had to put up a bunch of our latest pictures. I even found pics from Easter that I hadn't posted. Oops!
I am blessed with the cutest boys ever. Here they are hunting for eggs together.
Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy and toys when he could just leave fake grass?!
How cute is he in his little basket?
Here is a bath picture. Austin was entertaining him and he was LOVING it!!!
Summit and I went hiking last week on the Yuba River. We stopped and played in the sand for awhile. Summit loves sand...he kept picking it up and opening his hand so it would run through his fingers. He didn't even try to eat it....good boy!

Today we had our beautiful friend Tiana over and we gave her a wall hanging that I quilted for her. Her mom passed away 8months ago and she was an artist. She had designed a card with a butterfly on it and Tiana had used it to write me a thank you note. I took the design and blew it up, cut it out of fabric and quilted this for her. Both her and her mom's favorite color is Purple. She is such and amazing friend!
Here is Summit getting kisses from her dog Rummy. He loves the dog but not so much when he gives him kisses.
Here is Summit giving me a grumpy face cause he wanted to sit up.
I'm so mom is coming to visit me in a week and a half! I can't wait! My mom is my bestest girl friend and I love her so much!!!!!
This past week we went a took family pictures. They turned out so awesome but Andrew needs to crop them and all that good stuff. I'll post them when they are ready so keep watching...hopefully I'll get them up sometime before next month!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Austin Skates and Summit Crawls

Two in one day...aren't you guys lucky. Actually I just had lots to share. I took these videos after the first post so I had to do another one. Aren't these boys talented...Summit is crawling and Austin has been practicing his skateboarding.

Sometimes it might seem as if I've fallen off the edge of the planet but in reality I'm the mother of a 6 month old and a teenager and that'll do it to you. (How do you moms do it with more than that?)

Summit had his first ear infection and of course it wasn't just one was both. And his little independent spirit has become quite the roadblock with the medication. He would not take them! He squeezed his lips together and spit it out. If I forced it in his mouth he would gag and throw it up. Finally I found a way to trick him. Then the wonderful antibiotics that were supposed to solve the problem have of course caused other problems...I'm sure all you mothers have experienced that with your little ones. So now we're on to curing the "diaper rash". Ugh! Good thing he is so cute and irresitible!!! Here he is sitting up...he's such a big boy now! I can't believe it. He's almost a little man.

Aren't they so cute! Austin is the best big brother ever! The other day when Summit had a horrible fussy day with his ears as soon as Austin walked in the door from school Summit was smiling and all happy to see him. Summit doesn't like Austin enough to take antibiotics from him though.

We love our Uncle Alex....he's so rad!

Can anyone help Summit find the seaweed wrap to his sushi block? He was sucking on it and then all of a sudden it disappeared. He couldn't find it anywhere.
One last thought.....
Isn't being a parents so awesome! I can't believe how amazing it is. Heavenly Father has trusted us with these amazing little a big responsibility but I love it! The love you have for your little ones is a love like no other. It's so cool!!!!!