Friday, August 29, 2008


Well...Dad has been gone for two weeks on a crazy backpacking trip and we're visiting Nana and Grampy. Here is a post for Dad so he can see his cute little boy and see what we've been up to. Welcome home Dad...we're so proud of're amazing! We miss you like crazy. Two more days and we'll be home.

Here we are at the zoo watching the whales swim.

Here is Aunt Vika taking Summit down the slide...he loved it!
Here we are in the yard playing with Grampy and setting up their new tent.
Summit is playing with his new monster toy from Aunt Becci...he thinks it is so funny!
Here he is picking blueberries with Nana up at Uncle Steves house.
Here he is playing with the bowls were were using to pick vegetables in the garden.

Here are the blackberries we 16 cups or something. Then Nana made a pie...yummy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lost Coast

It's a little late but here are the pictures from the lost coast. We had such a blast! It's hard to backpack with a little baby though. Austin and Andrew were so awesome though...they carried all my stuff so I could carry Summit and his stuff. What troopers!

Here's the before shot

And the after shot

And a few in between

Wish it didn't take so long to download them or I'd put more. We're headed to the fair....I'm excited!