Monday, February 18, 2008

We're Still Alive

Wow...that cold that's going around really kicks your butt. I thought I was going to die. I can finally function enough to do a post. Lots has happened....well kind of. Lots more than happens in a normal week. Andrew threw me a super fun surprise birthday party. Summit got his first two teeth (no pictures cause he's asleep and they probably look like every other kids've all seen teeth before). How fun...for everyone except the mother who has to breastfeed. The weather warmed up so we had a beautiful day to hike at the Yuba River. Summit loves being outside! The whole time he was in his little backpack he had the biggest grin on his face.

We went down and visited Travis and Steysi at their new place and took pictures of their kids. This is for you Desta...and everyone else who hasn't seen them in forever. Their kids are huge. Tommy and I were playing with my camera and after I took the picture, I showed it to him. He said, "Wow, look how cool I look!" It was so cute.
And Summit and I flew to WA to visit Nana and Papa. His first plane ride. He was so good the whole time. He was charming everyone whos attention he could get. Except the cranky old lady who asked us to sit in the back of the plane....rude!

Here's Summit looking out the plane window as we landed.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Turkey and his baster

Here's a funny video of Summit. Wish I could have caught it all on tape. He started crying when it fell out and wanted it back in. Then he was crying with it in and the sound was all muffled inside of it. Pretty funny!
This is the sweetest thing ever. Summit got done with his bath and Austin picked him up. He cuddled right in to Austin and didn't want to move. He loves his big brother so much. Austin was gone for the weekend and when he came home this morning Summit was so excited to see him. He was all smiles!

This is the best pacifier ever. Plugs the hole right up. :) When it fell out he started crying and tried to put it back in.

Happy Birthday to me tomorrow.....what an awesome present to have our little Summit! Here he is...totally worn out after a fun night of sitting around.

We now have almost 3 feet of snow at our house! This is the most snow I've ever lived in. We couldn't even get out of my in-laws driveway last night with the 4-wheel drive so we had to crash at their place.

Friday, February 1, 2008

How cute is he?

This is a view of our backyard from the dining room (to the left) and a picture out the front door (below).

This is Andrew and I on top of St. Peters Basilica in Rome. An old picture but fun.

This is my favorite picture that Andrew took on our cruise. It's a boat in Monte Carlo, France.

Here's more movies for you Nana. Nothing too special. Just some smiles and curiosity.