Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost two months...where to begin?!

I guess I will start with the most recent and go backwards.

We had an amazing Christmas this year. We spent it here in Nevada City with Andrew's family and had a wonderfully relaxing day. Although we missed the other side immensely. We were spoiled this year! I got an amazing desk that I call my "sewing center", a Vita-Mix, and lots of thoughtful gifts from my husband. The best gift was being able to spend time as a family and see my boys open their presents. Austin got excited over all the little things and Summit just wanted to play with the balls. It was great!

The month of December was filled with fun crafting. I made some super cute Christmas decorations for the house and also some fun gifts for friends and family. I need to post pictures later cause I don't have any right now.

We also received our first snow. We got a foot and a half at our house. Summit had fun sledding with Austin. He didn't want to come in but he was so cold we had to force him.

November was a busy month also. I started out the month with Christmas crafting in hopes that I would be able to finish them in time to drive them up to WA instead of send them. Back in October I found out I had skin cancer. My mom flew out here in the middle of November to help me through my surgery and such. She took care of my family and I for a week while I recovered. She even took my stitches out for me while we were in WA...this picture was taken right before she took them out. Then we piled in our van and drove up to WA for Thanksgiving. We were able to spend a week there hanging out with my family. It was fun to be with my family and my boys together. It had been a year since we were all able to get together. We spent a day at the Pacific Science Center.

Andrew and Austin were able to go on a deep sea fishing trip in the beginning of November. They had a blast and came home with a few fish and lots of crab. We feasted for three days after their return.

We also spent some time playing in the fall leaves.

This is quite the quick recap of the last two months but it's about all I can do right now. It's almost midnight and I'm starting to fade. Excuse the grammatical errors...I'm outside of my thinking hours.