Friday, November 12, 2010

Andrea's Nasty Bread

So the other night we had a family from the ward over for Family Home Evening. I have made it a goal to invite atleast one family over a week so we can get to know people and make friends. I made homemade cinnamon rolls and they brought the lesson. After the lesson we were all sitting around eating our treat. The mom and I were sitting at the table with Summit and her four year old. He ate half his cinnamon roll and then passed it over to her. She asked him if he was finished and he said, "Yeah, I don't like it." I could tell that she was embarrased. She said that he is a super picky eater and will basically only eat a few different foods. Then she said, "He has no taste buds." He looked over at her and said, "Yes I do, I just don't like NASTY bread." It was the funniest thing ever. The mom turned all red and I got all nervous cause I was worried they really were gross. Everyone else finished their first and then went back for seconds. When they were leaving the mom said, "You can feed us your nasty bread anytime." And the dad said he was going to start calling cinnamon rolls Nasty Bread from now on. So I didn't feel so bad after all. Kids say the funniest things.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet 16

I can't believe our little Austin is 16!!!! He is offically dating material and legal age to drive now! (He won't be doing that for a little while so you don't have to worry yet) CRAZY!
Some things about Austin that I really admire are:
  • He is an amazing big brother. I know I have said this a million times but it is worth saying over and over because it is so true. He has an amazing love for his little brothers and takes such good care of them. He is looked up to so much by them and I know that he really strives to be a good example to them. Whenever he goes to the library to check out movies and CD's he brings one home for Summit. Even if Summit doesn't like watching the movie he carries it around and thinks it is the best thing ever just cause Austin brought it to him.
  • He is awesome at playing the guitar. He has been practicing so much and is getting really good. He loves listening to music, playing music, learning about different bands, etc.
  • He pushes through when things are hard....and sometimes I think it's pretty unfair the hard things that people get delt.
  • He doesn't worry about what other people think about him. He likes what he likes because he likes it not because other people say it's cool.
  • He is so HANDSOME! And he has an awesome smile!