Monday, October 10, 2011

House Pictures

I have had many requests for house pictures but have obviously procrastinated. We purchased a forclosure that definitely needed lots of love. I was putting off the pictures so I could post before and after pictures together. Well those of you who own a house know how quickly things get done with family, work, church, etc. So I guess I am going to post some before pictures and some in-progress pictures. I decided to start with the kitchen/dining room. We are almost done with the things on the list for this part of the house for the time being. We would eventually like to redo the counters and floor in the kitchen but that is pretty low on the priority list. Andrew stripped all the popcorn off the ceiling in the dining room, kitchen and hallway this summer and then he finished the ceiling with smooth mud. It looks amazing. He also painted the dining room and hallway. Replaced all the doors (the previous doors had knife holes in them), trim and baseboard. I stripped the wallpaper out of the kitchen and did all the painting in the kitchen and down the stairway....which I am very proud of. We still need to replace all the outlets and light switches and then caulk all our base and trim. This project is almost done!

Here's what we started with.....

Here's where we're at now.....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ok my new obsession is finding a cute modest swim suite for this summer. I have birthday money set aside for it but I have to find just the right one. I have been searching, and Just came across and is having a giveaway for a gift card. So Fun! Then I wouldn't even have to spend my b-day money. Any other suggestions?! Silly that I never post on my blog and then this is the thing I post. I should post some cute pictures of my adorable children or of the cool house we're trying to buy but we'll save that for another day.