Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First smiles

Tosh just started smiling two days ago. After his eleven o'clock feeding he started cooing like crazy and smiling. Andrew was still up so I called him in to see just to make sure I wasn't crazy. You know those first few smiles are hard to tell if they are really a smile or an accidental/gas face. As soon as Andrew came in he stopped...of course. But it's been a few days and he has continued so now I'm sure that those were smiles for me. Here's the best I could catch on camera.
We are having so much fun with our little Tosh. He is a great sleeper....he has been sleeping six hours on most nights for the last two weeks or so. After that he sleeps another two or three hours and then another hour or so. We are really enjoying a baby that sleeps because Summit was up every two hours until he was 9 months old!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coming out of the stone age

We are excited to announce that the Green family officially has internet and cable in their home. This is a first for their marriage! The frequency of blog posts should only increase from this time forward. Here are a few pictures from the last two months.

Tosh's Baby Blessing
Photo shoot of the two little boys

Andrew, Summit, Andrea, & baby Tosh (in tummy) at the Ocean visiting Uncle Erik

Summit's new big boy room that he and Nana decorated

Austin playing his guitar

Baby Tosh sleeping