Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Utah and more

A week and a half ago Andrew, Summit and I went to Utah for my friend Emily's wedding. It was such a priviledge to be there with her. Emily was my first roommate at BYU my freshman year in U Hall at DT. It was so cool to be a part of the sealing. I was able to reflect on my own sealing and the words that were spoken there. How awesome that we can be with our families forever. We are so blessed. While we were out there we were able to visit with some old friends which was a blast too. Thanks Lindsey and Wally for letting us guys are great!!!
Summit and I also started our second session of music class. It is so fun and Summit is learning so much. He loves to sing (even though he can't say the words), dance, and head bang (thanks to Austin). Anyone with little kids should check it out. They have classes all over the country. It's amazing the power that music has on such a little child.
Andrew and I also started class at Sierra College in Rocklin. Andrew is taking College Algebra to refresh so he's ready to take the GRE and I am taking a guitar class. I'm so excited. I learned to play my first song The Ding Dong song. It only has three notes but it's great. Hehehehe.
Austin is getting ready to go into high school. We already signed the paperwork and next month he starts registering. I can't believe how old he is. The times just flies by. He is still taking guitar lessons and doing great! Everyday he comes home from school with a new song he learned with his friends during lunch. It's hard to find him without a guitar in his hands.

And of course as always, I've been crafting. Here is my latest project. Our friends, The Hamberlin's had an adorable little boy. Tisha had told me about this cool frame that she wanted to make for her baby Tanner. When Andrew and I saw the idea we fell in love with it and decided to make two of them, one for the Hamberlin's and one for Summit's room. Here is Tanner's...Summit's isn't done yet. The first one is always the hardest so hopefully his will take a little less time. One reason this frame is so cute is the amazing font I used. A dear friend of mine is an incredibly talented font artist and I'm so grateful for her sharing with me. This font is called P.S. I love you. I've had a few people comment on it so if you are interested you can find it here. They are super cheap to buy and they make any craft project, Relief Society handout or digi scrapbook page so much cuter. Thanks Islandmom!

I think that sums it all up. We're staying busy but loving life at the same time!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Crafting

When we went to WA for Thanksgiving my parents gave me this sewing center for my Christmas gift. I LOVE IT! I just need to put the doors on the top so I can close it all up. I had so much fun organizing all my craft stuff and fabric. Next to it is my cutting table. I have been using the corner of the dining room to store my craft stuff and the dining room table as my craft/cutting table. Not very convenient.

I definitely caught the crafting bug this holiday season. Here are a few of the fun projects I did.
Here are the gifts I made for my family. This first one is a tin star covered in pictures of our family and cool paper. I decopauged all the pieces to the star. It turned out really cool. The second thing I made them was a sign that says "Families are Forever". I painted a piece of wood and attached three 5x5 frames to it with pictures of our family. Then I cut the words out of vinyl on the Sillhouette machine and stuck them on there...Thanks Polly for letting me use your fun machine.

My favorite decoration is my Merry Christmas blocks. I decopauged scrapbook paper onto blocks, cut out letter on a Sillhouette machine, wet embossed all the letters with clear glitter embossing powder and then decopauged them on to the blocks. This project took me hours because I had to have it perfect but it was worth all the time because I LOVE IT!

A tradition in Andrew's family is that each member of the family gives a stocking stuffer to each other member of the family. This year I made ornaments for everyone. I noticed the kids didn't have ornaments with baby pictures on them so I made them each one. This is Alex's.

I was just released as the 11 year old girls Primary teacher so as a Christmas/Goodbye gift I made each girl one of these mirrors. The mirrors were $2.99 at Ikea. I painted the edges of the mirrors brown and then sanded them to give them that worn look. Then I decopauged scrapbook paper on the front of the mirror and decopauged the words "Daughter of God" on the front. They turned out so cute!
Here is my PEACE sign I started last year and finished this year.

I saw a cute idea on a blog before Christmas and I had to do it. So here it is....I opened pop-top cans with a pampered chef can opener that uncrimps the edges. Then I cleaned them out, refilled them with candy and fudge, decorated the outside with paper, ribbon and stamps, and then I glued the lids back on. So here is one example. Then when the person receives it they open it with the little pop top thing. Cute, huh?!